To build the life and success you want to live, you must be incredibly conscious of the choices you make. The ideal life you visualize serves as a compass that keeps choices oriented toward an end goal, or a lens through which to make all decisions. When you recognize that your individual choices shape your life, you start to hone in on what you truly want and eliminate the distractions that pull you off course.
As a Speaker, Success Coach and Entrepreneur, my mission is to inspire others to take charge, master self-leadership and empower them to elevate their success in all areas of their life. To be able to ignite this transformation, guide and witness the more Powerful You in each person I work with, gives me great joy.

“If I have been able to inspire others to become the best version of themselves, live their best lives and best serve the world, – simply because I have worked at those things in my life – then my life is good and I feel blessed.”

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The WOMEN IN BUSINESS ACADEMY February 21 & 22, 2020

Let’s build a strong foundation for 2020

Sandra Lopez and Nathalie Harant’s invitation and personal message
to all the women who DEEPLY care about creating and living success in all areas of their life, not just in business, and who want to have fun too!
Bernadette’s philosophy is to Live by Choice. It is a powerful way of living.
Combined with her Integrated Success methodology, Bernadette empowers her clients to focus on the Essential and help them identify the Priority instead of multiple competing priorities.
Too many people believe that to achieve great work, they must focus single-mindedly on their goals, at the expense of the things that matter in their personal lives, such as their family, their health, or their engagement with their communities.
“What I have found is when we harness the passion and power from the various parts of our lives and bring them together. It creates a life of harmony, wholeness and fulfillment. Bringing more happiness, love and success in every area of our life.”

Private Coaching is the fastest way to accelerate your growth and remove barriers that are in the way of your success.

“Running my own consulting practice is very different than being in higher management in hospital. I needed a coach who could challenge and support me. Bernadette provides me constructive feedback, tools and strategy, and empowering me to accelerate results and take my business to higher level of success.”

– Pamela Frazier, RN & Healthcare Consulting

“Bernadette’s positive attitude and energy radiate through her teachings making a profound impact in my personal and professional growth. She has heart and cares about my well-being and success. Her core concepts and step to step approach lead to the success of goals.”

– Sharon Yip, Pharmacy Owner

“As a Bank Manager, Sales Coach and Entrepreneur, my biggest growth personally and professionally stemmed from getting coached by Bernadette McBurnie. Achieving my financial goals was a mean to living the life that I want for myself and my family.”

– Tra Thach, Sales Coach & VP Business Development in Real Estate

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