We as women are blazing new paths. As the world is changing around us, so are we. Life is unfolding in a very different way. Opportunities continue to arise, but we’re still being overlooked. Conversations are getting louder, but we are still searching for a stronger voice. We cannot become what we want by remaining who we are.

Career, business, leadership, family, relationships and striving for the balance of work-life integration to have it all. We know there’s something more. This is about gaining clarity, designing our own path to success, overcoming limiting beliefs, removing fears, developing new mindsets and amplifying our leadership, impact and influence.

If only we could be seen, be heard and belong so we can live a life of unbreakable significance. This is our time. To lead, to love and to thrive. We’re ready for our voice to be known.



Liza S.

“Bernadette is a force of nature!
She helps women to own their true power and empowers them with coaching and leadership skills. She has decades of experience helping professionals of all kinds transform their leadership and team effectiveness.
Her teaching is strategic, authentic, inspiring, thoughtful and actionable.
Her coaching through critical thinking and listening empowers women to prioritize themselves and create alignment in their lives.”

Liza S. – CEO of Financial Training Institution

Elena M.

“Bernadette has a way of holding such a strong and safe container. Through every encounter together, I felt seen, heard and understood, coming from her genuine desire to support me. A huge part of the transformation that took place for me, came through the reflective and deeply insightful questions she would ask to uncover what was really going on beneath the surface.
It allowed me to dig deeper into my “Why”, emotionally connecting to embracing change and finding courage to take action!”

– Elena M. – Business Owner

Ben W.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bernadette on an international level.
She is totally outstanding as a keynote speaker. Her incredible delivery of valuable, meaningful and truly helpful experiences and content is exceptional.
She knows instinctively what an audience needs.”

– Ben Woodward, Founder-Director, Ragnar Circles Ltd

Sandra L.

“My life and career have changed drastically, since I have been coaching with Bernadette. With her help and trust in me I have flourished beyond what I would have ever thought. I recommend Bernadette highly. I can never repay her for all that I have grown and continue to grow. I am excited for the future and what it brings to me with continued coaching with Bernadette!”

– Sandra L., Regional Sales Manager

Pamela F.

“Running my own consulting practice is very different from being in higher management in a hospital. Working with Bernadette was one of the best decisions I could have made. Her knowledge, empathy, honesty, business, and time management tools equals a perfect business coach for the serious business builder. Anyone serious about growing their business will benefit from working with Bernadette. "

– Pamela Frazier, RN & Healthcare Consulting

Thomas J.

“Bernadette brings out the best in her clients. Her passion is contagious and her will to build others up drives her to empower other women, entrepreneurs and business professionals.”

– Thomas J., CEO & Angel Investor

Sophia D.

“Bernadette is one of the most genuine and authentic people that I know. She is truly so kind and caring and creates a beautiful space where I know that I can be my authentic self, share my deepest struggles and fears and also my greatest dreams and ambitions.

One thing Bernadette said to me that really stood out and stuck with me was
“Nothing big happens on our own. And if our vision is enough that
one person can do it, it's not big enough”.

That inspired me to really stretch my mind to think bigger, push past the
limitations that I was facing at the time and take the actions I needed to.
I’m very grateful for Bernadette, excited to continue to work with her,
and would recommend her to anyone.”

– Sophia D. Aerospace Engineer - Entrepreneur

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“The challenges that women are facing today, unfortunately have not changed much over the years. I experienced and struggled through them, learned to stand up for myself and created powerful breakthrough and meaningful victories.

Women don’t need to do this alone, and this is why my commitment to be an ally and a resource to women is unbreakable.”

Let’s work together

Amplify your mark and thrive, as a woman and a leader!

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